Cement Squared creates one of the finest cement tiles in the world with “they still make them like they used to” quality. The bold designs are what make cement tile so sought after. Whether you desire classically complex and intricate or ultra geometric and simple, we are here to make it a reality. Our pattern collections are ever growing and not exclusively limited to what you will find here, but we invite you to indulge in our curated collections.

Key to success: Every single pattern is customizable. So “pick a color, any color” applies here. Let your imagination go wild.

Angles Collection

Angles: A traditional look of diamonds and lattice work. In a multitude of styles and personalities. From Palm Springs to Scandinavia, this collection shows its exquisite angles in true colors.

Classic Collection

Classic: Haciendas in Spain and Italy, Victorian entryways in London, century old cafes in Paris all share these stunningly preserved patterns. They still live on beautifully and famously today. The most popular styles we know and still timeless as ever.

Ethnic Collection

Culture: Rich in heritage and artistic expression, native and tribal cultures have imprinted so much upon all of us. This collection is inspired by local cultures and ancient civilizations drawing inspiration from the Aztecs and Mayans all the way to the American Southwest.

Floral Collection

Floral: Botanical motifs are playful and elegant. A flower’s beauty should be preserved forever. How better a way than to incorporate floral notes in this exquisite tile? A collection of florals was absolutely necessary to achieve a perpetual bouquet of beauty.

Nature Collection

Nature: Both literally and metaphorically, these tiles bring the outside in and the inside out. While being perfect for interior and exterior installations, these patterns symbolize Mother Nature’s whimsical ways of beauty.

Shapes Collection

Shapes: Shapes are all the rage. Hard lines and geometry can be found in swanky bars, boutique hotels and exclusive club patios and pools across the country. If you’re looking for the most Instagram’d patterns, look no further. Bold and edgy is in.

Textile Collection

Textile: Telegram from my designer in New York: Fabric patterns in cement. Stop. I have found your new vanity space, wall and floor. Stop. Many textures to choose from. Stop. Much sexier than wallpaper. END.

Historic Collection

Historic: The collection designs are a piece of the way things were. They may not take away modern day complexities, but their designs will certainly add a positive flair and possibly years to your life.

Border Collection

Border: A painting with or without a frame? A rug with or without fringe? A suit with or without a pocket hanky? Style is personal. Occasions and spaces dictate different desires. In cement tile installations whether they be wall or floor, they can be with or without a coordinating border. You decide if your art has a frame or not. In the 21stCentury, we decide what we want.