Eclipse? No, elipse. The crescent in the heavens.

It’s the moon that makes waves.

The gravitational pull between the earth and moon create the eco-system responsible for marine and beach life.

Whether the shape of the wave makes you think of a boardwalk canopy, a mermaid’s scales or the foam washing up at high tide, that crescent shaped moon is ultimately responsible.

By land or by sea. Our tiles are indoor or outdoor. For wet or dry. Especially poolside, on a beachfront balcony or the boardwalk itself.

Every tile has a story... let this one tell yours.

Encaustic cement tiles have been called many names over the past 2 centuries: concrete tiles, encaustic tiles, cuban tiles, mosaicos, and hydraulicos. These amazing art tiles have stood the test of time and are spread across all corners of the world.

Each tile can be in any color combination up to 5 colors.
Added marble, granite, or mother-of-pearl made from recycled pearl buttons are available in all patterns.
Solid color tiles are also available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All tiles are 8" x 8". They are hand made and quality controlled one-by-one. Each is slow cured in water to create a sturdier product. Each tile is inspected several times in the creation process before being boxed for shipping.
Yes. Use Pantone, Benjamin Moore & Sherwin Williams decks for color selections & ask to see additional patterns. Custom & new designs can be made into steel molds by a master metal worker. This extra process adds 2 weeks and a nominal extra charge.
8 weeks or less, if using an existing pattern mold. Custom patterns & molds add 2-3 weeks.
Yes. A tile proof is available for $50 incl shipping. Quick approval turnaround is needed to keep your order on schedule in the artist's studio.
Yes. We have an intimate team of color & tile ambassadors who only attend to our boutique orders.